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We've given hospitality mystery shopping a much-needed upgrade. Start making data-driven business decisions today.

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I really like how Allow Me have contemporised mystery shopping for hospitality.

They've taken something which used to be quite rigid and negative into a solution which is flexible, constructive, relevant and very effective for a business owner like me.

Tim Johnson
Director - Comuna Cantina, Corbett & Claude, Tetto

It's like mystery shopping for hospitality

but not as you know it!

Flexible visits. No lock-in contracts

We don't set a minimum number of visits or have any lock-in contracts. 

You can scale your visits up and down as needed, month-month.

Set the dates & times of the visits

Want to send your mystery diners in when you're not there? Easy!

From your unique client portal, you determine the date & time of each visit

Select the amount you want your diners to spend

You control exactly how much the diner spends. 

FUN FACT: 70% of our diners spend over their allocated spend amount. 

Data is our signature dish. 

Have a free taste!

Google, TripAdvisor, Zomato - See how your venue stacks up.

We've aggregated review & demographic data to give you a clear indication of how you're performing and who your customers are. 

Free benchmarking report

What value can we serve up to your business?

how about...

Actionable insights.

Our customers access insights via PDF reports or dashboards within their online portal. This enables data-driven business decisions to make instant, measurable improvements. 

More customers.

Expose your brand to over 500 qualified mystery diners. 

Oh yeah and if they bring a friend along to the visit, we incentivise them out of own pocket. 

More revenue opportunities.

Pinpoint and measure how much upselling is impacting

your bottom line.

Identify and take action in seconds

We deliver insights in a clear and concise traffic light system which allows you to easily understand the areas you need to address.

Identify then action.

Instantly understand and impact issues that are costing your venue.

Our purpose

Help hospitality business owners make data-driven business decisions to improve their businesses.

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