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Transparent pricing in 3 steps. 

Mystery shopping is nothing new, but the way we incentivize is revolutionary.

spend amount is what your mystery shoppers will spend in your venue.

But we encourage them to spend more and whenever they do...

We offer a bonus amount out of own pocket.

Number venues you want to asses:



You can access all venue(s) information in your client portal.

Total Number of Visits per month


With no lock-in contracts, you can scale 

your visits up or down each month as you like.

Number of visits per month per venue:



You have full flexibility when it comes to increasing or decreasing your visits. 

Amount each diner will spend:



This amount and sometimes more will go straight back in your til!

Service Fee


Spinner-1s-200px (3).gif


This is the cost of the service per month.

The cost per visit will decrease the more visits you have per month!

Spend Amount



You pay us the diner spend.

Diners spend it at your venue.

We reimburse the diner. Simple.

Viewing on mobile?

Jump over to your desktop to calculate pricing for your venue!

Ready to try our menu?

Instantly understand and impact issues that are costing your venue.

Identify and take action in seconds

We deliver insights in a clear and concise traffic light system which allows you to easily understand the areas you need to address.

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