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It began for people like Matt's Parents...

Matt is a co-founder of Allow Me.

He grew up around the Restaurants and Pubs that his parents owned & operated.

As it is for most independent business owners, time is a precious commodity.


His family worked over 80+ hours per week focusing on the core staples to keep the business moving forward.


When it came to making operational improvements, qualified, customer feedback data was not easily accessible and not a priority.



But we quickly understood these issues are industry-wide & global.


This is a global Industry Digitization Index from Mckinsey Global Institute was published in 2015 just as we launched allow me.

You see hospitality, down there third from the bottom?

That's right, third from the bottom. Right between healthcare and construction.


For us it raised a question: 

What could the hospitality industry achieve if more tech providers improved digitalization for their customers?

This continues to provide a key reason for Allow Me's existence: 

Help hospitality business owners - of all levels - make data-driven business decisions that can improve their businesses.

Ready to try our menu?

Instantly understand and impact issues that are costing your venue.

Identify and take action in seconds

We deliver insights in a clear and concise traffic light system which allows you to easily understand the areas you need to address.

customer x (1).png
customer x.png
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