Tools that allow you to spend more time on your business. 

Your mystery shoppers who visit your venue complete surveys that can be easily customised by you to suit your venue.

The data from those surveys is accessed through your client portal.

Below are just some of the features available in order for you to take action on the insights we uncover.

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Choose a comparison period.

Upon logging into your client portal, simply select the time range of data you want to view.


The traffic light system allows you to instantly see what areas need your attention, things to watch but also whats working well in your venue.

Immediately identify improvements.

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Clear, visual display of all insights.

Based on your time range selection, 

all results and comments are listed in a dynamic, 

easy-to-digest format for you to make quick data driven decisions.


The survey section with your client portal allows you to enter in amounts related to upselling themed questions.
This enables you to track lost/gained revenue opportunities.

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Identify Revenue Opportunities

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Gourmet Appetizer

Ensure your standards and expectation are being consistently maintained.

Diners are able to upload pictures of the food and beverage served during their visit which will appear in your survey results.

Images of food & beverage

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Reports from each individual visit can be accessed and downloaded in PDF format. This allows you to analyse & discuss the findings with your team and identify specific improvement areas.

Downloadable PDF Reports.

All of this, and much more.

We asked our diners recently how often they take a friend along to the visit....

More than 65% are take at least one other person to a mystery dining visit.

We decided to capitalize on this so whenever a diner takes a friend, we offer an additional cash incentive out of our own pocket. 

More Customers!

You'll be allocated a default survey template according to your business type. But within your client portal you can...

  • Customise each and every question

  • Include Image request questions

  • Add/remove questions

  • Add tags to isolate selected questions

Your flexibility is our priority.

With no lock-in contracts you're able to...

Customisable Surveys

Flexible Subscriptions

  • Scale your monthly visits up/down

  • Adjust the diner spend amount

  • Manage multiple venues from one account

  • Adjust user permissions